Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics to Generate Great Ideas for Your Presentations

A persuasive speech is an interesting project. A speech giver has to choose a certain position and persuade his/her listeners that this position is correct. It’s understood that this assignment isn’t easy to complete. A researcher ought to find dependable data and make convincing statements. They must be supported by clear and dependable examples. Sometimes speech givers fail before they start because they aren’t able to choose a good topic. That’s why we offer some good persuasive speech topics.


They all are different and so, can suit the needs of different students and their teachers and/or professors. Use them directly in your projects or rework them. Make allowances for the following ideas:

  1. Is It Reasonable to Make Driving Age Be 14?
  2. If You Owe Business You Risk Losing Friends.
  3. Should Prayers Be Mandatory at School?
  4. People Should Consume Less Junk Food.
  5. Money Cannot Make You Happy.
  6. A True Friend Can Be Noticed When a Need Comes.
  7. Should the US Government Send Out All the Emigrants?
  8. Hiring Cheaper Foreign Employers Destroys the Economy.
  9. Competitive Sports Makes Us Self-Confident.
  10. The Laptop Is Much Better Than a Tablet.
  11. Reading Makes Us Intelligent.
  12. Handwriting Is Important for the Development of Our Brain.
  13. The Most Important Cognitive Functions in Learning.
  14. Is Essay Writing Really Important?
  15. Can a Person without Higher Education Be Successful?
  16. Why Higher Education Certificate Is so Important?
  17. What Makes the Natives Hate Foreign Workers?
  18. Animals Should Not Be Kept in Zoos Anymore.
  19. Hunting Animals Must Be Banned for Good.
  20. How Divorce Negatively Affects Children.

You’re welcome to use any of these ideas. You can also rework some of them to make them easier to explain. We also recommend finding and using other similar lists to enrich your list of suggestions. Thus, you’ll definitely have plenty of great ideas to cover.

It’s also worth mentioning some qualities that make a good topic. Every theme has to:

  • Be original and interesting;
  • Focus on an important issue;
  • State the main problem in different ways;
  • Provide clear explanations;
  • Offer effective solution(s);
  • Be useful;

Make sure your topic is currently relevant. Choose an important problem, analyze and review it from different angles, and offer a proper solution. Thus, your project will be doomed to enjoy success.